June 24, 2013 at 9:48 AM

Ideas for Sociology Projects


As a sociology student, you have to complete research projects throughout most of your coursework. Additionally, when you intern during your studies, you often have to come up with projects to do in your internship that relate to sociology. When you are out of ideas for your next sociology project, or you want to stimulate your mind with a new research study, here are some ways to get started.

Sociological Book Review

If you love to read, take advantage of your time spent in books and use them for a sociological study. Take your favorite novel, fiction or nonfiction, and analyze the story based on a sociological theory or concept. Use conflict theory to explain “Brave New World,” or take “A Handmaid’s Tale” and break it down using functionalism. Give “Harry Potter” a breathe of fresh air while studying it using social symbols and their meanings. Have fun with this and explore fictitious societies in relation to current events and the modern world.

Social Opinion

Find out more about those around you, whether in your office, classroom or dorm building. Conduct a social survey that looks at the social opinions of those in your community. Ideas of things to ask include television show preference, favorite restaurant, or most listened to music genre. Start by forming a hypothesis that determines your study. For instance, you might have a research study focused on what nights are best spent doing homework versus those spent studying. Alternatively, you might dig into use of stimulants for studying or the use of alcohol in your dorm compared to the entire student population of your school. By basing your project around a topic that interests you, you are more likely to stay focused on your research.

Social Media Use

Most college aged students will agree that social media is a major aspect of life. From Facebook to Pinterest, college students spent hours each week keeping up with each other and the latest trends. Spend your time on social media while conducting a study focused on the use of social media. Ideas of topics include what is trending at your school, the most popular groups used by students, and the best apps to use for sociology students. Apply your findings to a social research study that determines how this information reflects on the community. Additionally, you can apply sociological concepts, such as anomie or sanctions, to the research.

Current Events

Look at the latest news to find ideas for social research projects. For instance, bullying in schools is a huge problem in American schools. Additionally, the abuse of prescription drugs is another topic of interest. Consider if there are any social issues that you are most inclined to research, such as global warming, factories in third world countries, or grassroots community development. Research news reports on these current events and focus your research there.

By doing social research projects that are related to topics that you are interested in, you are more likely to have the passion needed to do solid research. If you have to do a particular project that is arranged for you, such as a class assignment, look for ways to incorporate your interests into the research. As you move forward as a sociologist, this will help you discover your true path.


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